July 22, 2024
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My Son Is Ashamed of Me, So I Gave Him a Taste of His Own Medicine

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare – your child is ashamed of you. For one mother, this became a painful reality when her teenage son started to distance himself from her in public, refusing to be seen with her and even making negative comments about her appearance.

At first, the mother tried to reason with her son, explaining that she loved him and that his behavior was hurtful. But nothing seemed to work, and the distance between them only grew.

Feeling frustrated and hurt, the mother decided to give her son a taste of his own medicine. The next time they were in public, she made a point of avoiding him and pretending not to know him, just as he had done to her.

At first, the son was surprised and hurt by his mother’s behavior. He couldn’t believe that she was stooping to his level and embarrassing him in front of others. But as the day went on, he began to see things from his mother’s perspective.

He realized how hurtful his own behavior had been, and how much it had affected his mother. He also saw how difficult it was for her to continue pretending not to know him, and how much it must have taken for her to do so.

By the end of the day, the son had apologized to his mother, and the two were able to have an honest conversation about their feelings. The mother explained how much his behavior had hurt her, and the son admitted that he had been wrong to treat her the way he had.

The experience brought the two closer together, and they were able to work through their issues and start rebuilding their relationship. While it wasn’t an easy process, the mother was glad that she had taken a stand and shown her son how hurtful his behavior had been.

As parents, it’s natural to want our children to be proud of us and to love us unconditionally. But sometimes, we need to remind them that we are human too, and that our feelings matter. By standing up for herself and giving her son a taste of his own medicine, this mother was able to teach him a valuable lesson about empathy and respect, and to strengthen their bond in the process.

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