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How She Had Her Son Potty Trained at 6 Months, Plus Other Parenting Tips From Supermodel Gisele Bündchen

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Gisele Bündchen is a supermodel, businesswoman, and mother of two. She is known for her healthy lifestyle, including her commitment to organic food, exercise, and meditation. But did you know that she also had her son potty trained at just six months old? In a recent interview with People, Gisele shared some of her parenting tips and insights.

Potty Training at 6 Months


Gisele’s decision to potty train her son, Benjamin, at six months old was a conscious one. She explained that in some cultures, babies are potty trained early on, and that it can be beneficial for the environment and for the baby’s health. She also shared that it was not an easy process, and that it required a lot of patience and dedication on her part.

Gisele’s advice for parents who want to try early potty training is to first make sure that the baby is ready. She emphasized the importance of paying attention to the baby’s cues and signals, and not to force anything if the baby is not ready.

Organic Food and Healthy Eating


Gisele is a strong advocate for healthy eating and organic food. She believes that what we put into our bodies affects our health and wellbeing, and that organic food is the best choice because it is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. She also recommends cooking at home as much as possible and avoiding processed foods.

Involving Children in Cooking and Gardening


Gisele believes that involving children in cooking and gardening can be a fun and educational way to teach them about healthy eating and the environment. She encourages parents to let their children help with meal planning, shopping for ingredients, and preparing meals.

Teaching Mindfulness and Meditation


Gisele has been practicing meditation for over a decade and believes that it has been a significant factor in her overall wellbeing. She also believes that teaching mindfulness and meditation to children can be beneficial for their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

In conclusion, Gisele Bündchen’s parenting tips emphasize the importance of paying attention to our children’s needs and signals, making healthy choices for ourselves and our families, and finding ways to teach children about the environment and mindfulness. Her commitment to early potty training, healthy eating, and meditation can be inspiring for parents who are looking for ways to raise happy and healthy children.

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