July 22, 2024
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10+ Celebrities Whose Birthplaces Can Surprise Everyone

It’s easy to assume that many celebrities hail from major cities like Los Angeles or New York, but some of their birthplaces may surprise you. Here are 10+ celebrities whose birthplaces may not be what you expect:

Chris Pratt – Virginia, Minnesota
Before he became a Hollywood heartthrob, Chris Pratt was born in the small town of Virginia, Minnesota.

Cardi B – The Bronx, New York
While it’s no surprise that Cardi B is from New York, her birthplace in the Bronx may surprise some fans who assumed she was born and raised in Manhattan.

Robin Williams – Chicago, Illinois
The beloved late actor and comedian Robin Williams was actually born in Chicago, Illinois.

Jennifer Lawrence – Indian Hills, Kentucky
Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence may be a Hollywood superstar now, but she was born and raised in the small town of Indian Hills, Kentucky.

Billie Eilish – Los Angeles, California
While Billie Eilish may seem like a true California girl, born and raised in Los Angeles, she was actually born in a small town called Highland Park.

Meghan Markle – Los Angeles, California
Before she became a Duchess, Meghan Markle was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Charlize Theron – Benoni, South Africa
Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, South Africa, before moving to the United States to pursue her acting career.

John Krasinski – Newton, Massachusetts
Before he became Jim Halpert on “The Office,” John Krasinski was born and raised in the Boston suburb of Newton, Massachusetts.

Olivia Wilde – New York City, New York
Actress and director Olivia Wilde was actually born in New York City, despite her surname suggesting a connection to Ireland.

Steve Carell – Concord, Massachusetts
Steve Carell, known for his roles in “The Office” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” was born in Concord, Massachusetts.

Emma Watson – Paris, France
While she may be best known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter films, Emma Watson was actually born in Paris, France.

Bruno Mars – Honolulu, Hawaii
Grammy-winning musician Bruno Mars may seem like a true island boy, but he was actually born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.

These celebrities’ birthplaces may not be what you expected, but it just goes to show that talent can come from anywhere. From small towns to big cities, these celebrities have proven that success can come from any corner of the world.




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